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I can’t find my Temporary Work Permit expiry date.

Your temporary work permit expiry date will be peg to the date stipulated in your In Principal Approval (IPA), which is also the deadline for your employer to issue you the pass. This has also been stated clearly in your Temporary Work Permit.

In order to protect yourself, do ensure your employer gives you the IPA, and when it is about to expire, do highlight and your employer can extend the IPA date via MOM portal.


Possible to upgrade Work Permit holder to S Pass / Employment Pass?

Do you have Work Permit holders who decided to pursue their studies and subsequently earned themselves a Diploma / Degree?
If you do have, they might come to you soon on the upgrading of their pass.

Usual processes still stand even for current Work Permit holders. You just have to ensure that you cancel their current Work Permit, before you issue them with a new pass.

Aside, I think it’s good to check if he or she is suitable to move on to another position which warrants a higher pass category, for such will certainly motivate staff and ensure the recognition of a higher education.

Marriage restrictions for foreign employees

People fall in love, and that’s nature.

If you are a work permit holder, you have to seek MOM approval if you are marrying a Singaporean / PR. You can download the form via MOM:
Work Permit to seek approval for marriage

If you are a S Pass or Employment Pass holder, you do not have to seek MOM approval.
Such FAQ can also be found in MOM:
S Pass marriage restrictions
Employment Pass marriage restrictions

Does a Temporary Work Permit allows employee to stay in Singapore?

A temporary work permit is usually issued to Malaysians who have yet to complete their medical appointment, or whose results are still pending.

The permit allows one to start work in Singapore, but however it does not allow him/her to stay in Singapore, where such has to fall back to the validity of his / her Social Visit Pass, which is issued by the Immigration Checkpoint Authority (ICA).

Can my Employee under Work Permit get Pregnant?

It depends. If she is married to a Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident (PR), she can get pregnant and deliver in Singapore, subject to the approval from Controller of Work Passes. Else, one of the Work Permit Conditions is not to be pregnant, and this applies even her work permit had expired, cancelled or revoked.

Having said that, if the staff is a good performer and you would like to keep her, you can try to send in a request to MOM and there is a possibility that they will approve her pregnancy and enable her to continue to work in Singapore.

Reference can be found under my Page “Sources”:
Work Permit Conditions

What is the maximum employment period for Work Permit Holders?

The maximum employment period for WP holders differ among sectors and nationalities.

For North Asian Sources (e.g. Hong Kong, Taiwan) and Malaysians, there are no maximum period of employment.
For Non-Traditional Sources (e.g. Philippines, India) and PRCs, it ranges from 10 years to 22 years, depending on the skills of the worker (e.g. qualification) and the sector the worker is to be deployed to. You can find more information via MOM at:

Service Sector
Manufacturing Sector
Construction Sector
Process Sector