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Can I use my Maternity Leave to offset my notice period?

While there are no restrictions on clearing your Maternity Leave during notice period, you cannot use such leave to offset your notice period; meaning using such leave to shorten your notice period.

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Maternity Leave


Withdrawing Your Resignation

Having second thoughts on your resignation? Bad news for you.

The Employment Act does not have any provisions for withdrawal of resignation, and thus your employer has the every right to reject your request to withdraw your resignation. Having said that, I would say nothing is absolute for there is the Common Law for you to tap on (if you feel a need to go to that).


I had resigned. Can my employer force me to consume my outstanding Annual Leave?

If you are covered by the Employment Act, your employer cannot force you to do so. There must be agreement on your part. Same applies if you would like to clear your Annual Leave, agreement must comes from both parties.

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Termination with Notice