Employment Act:

Employment Act (Statute)

Leave Related
Leave Entitlements
Annual leave in Special Situations
Paternity Leave
Childcare Leave Eligibility
Childcare Leave for Adoptive Parent
Pro-rated Childcare Leave
Maternity Leave

Salary Related
Salary Definition
Payment of Salary

Public Holiday Entitlements and Pay
Rest Day Pay
Medical Reimbursements

Hours of Work
Break Time
Starting a Contract of Service
Rejecting Resignation
Termination with Notice
Part Time Employment
Jobs Bank FAQs

Central Provident Fund (CPF)

CPF Contributions
Allowances and Payment that attract CPF
CPF Investment

Work Injury Compensation Act (WICA)

Who is Covered
Report the Incident
Medical Leave Wages

News – Higher Compensation Limits

Employing Foreign Worker

S Pass
Calculation of Foreign Quota
Register a Foreign Worker’s Address (WP)
MOM – Register a Foreign Worker’s Address (S Pass)
Register a Foreign Worker’s Address (Employment Pass)
Medical Costs for WP Holders
Medical Insurance for EP Holders
MOM – Repatriation for S Pass / EP
HDB – Subletting Regulations
URA – Renting out Pivate Residental Properties
Work Permit Conditions
Work Pass Conditions
Waiver of Levy for WP
Waiver of Levy for S Pass
Marry a SG / PR
Cancellation of Work Permit


Definition of SME
CPF – FAQ on Salary Ceiling