Payment for Work on Holiday in Overseas

Re posted from HR Singapore

Can company choose not to pay holiday pay as employee is already provided per diem while on overseas trip during Singapore public holiday?

My reply:

Firstly, it is good to check if employee is covered under Employment Act first. If he/she is covered, my advice as follow:

Per diem generally refers to allowances given to staff for expenses incurred during overseas business trip. Such could be for lodging and food.
Public Holiday pay is not an allowance; a payment given to staff who worked on a Public Holiday for Public Holiday is a paid non-working day.

Unless the per diem payment given explicitly include the Public Holiday pay item (no less than 1 day basic), such should be separated from the per diem payment.

Under Light Duty; Allowed to Overtime?

Re posted from HR Singapore

We have a worker who was given Light Duty medical chit by a specialist doctor from the hospital. During office hours, we only let him walk around to inspect and check on equipment instead of his normal job scope that require more hands-on hard labour work.
Would like to know whether can we allow him to work overtime?

My reply:

The Employment Act does not cover such, and thus as long as he/she is certified fit to work, mutual agreement to overtime is allowed.

However, taking the “common sense” approach, he/she must be not feeling very well and thus consulted a doctor. For the well-being of the worker, he/she should not be given Overtime but go home on time to rest.
Do also note that if he/she is scheduled to do Overtime, there is an increase chance of work injury. In terms of the worker’s productivity, I think it goes without saying.

I can’t find my Temporary Work Permit expiry date.

Your temporary work permit expiry date will be peg to the date stipulated in your In Principal Approval (IPA), which is also the deadline for your employer to issue you the pass. This has also been stated clearly in your Temporary Work Permit.

In order to protect yourself, do ensure your employer gives you the IPA, and when it is about to expire, do highlight and your employer can extend the IPA date via MOM portal.

Can I use my Maternity Leave to offset my notice period?

While there are no restrictions on clearing your Maternity Leave during notice period, you cannot use such leave to offset your notice period; meaning using such leave to shorten your notice period.

Reference can be found under my Page “Sources”:
Maternity Leave

I am a S Pass Holder, can I get pregnant?

If you are a S Pass or Employment Pass Holder, you do not have to seek approval from MOM. Reference from MOM email reply to my query.

However, for Work Permit Holders, they are not supposed to be pregnant (unless she is married to a Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident (PR). You can find the FAQ here.

Meaningful Argument

Argue Based on Facts.jpg

Do you realise at times, meetings are becoming more like a waste of time than meaningful discussions?

There is a lot of “I feel”, “I think”, “I believe” kind of argument to push initiatives or solutions through. Should we provide evidence – concrete ones – to support our points instead? Not withstanding the fact that at times, assumption is necessary, but if facts are readily available (if one does his/her homework), should we then base on that to come to better solutions?

Some quick examples:
“Why do people leave our organisation?”
“What is the best engagement activity for employees?”

Let’s take about the first example. I had one Head of Department who immediately comes to a conclusion that it was about the salary, and he can do nothing about it unless our company provide him with a bigger budget. But with a quick sample size interview, that is not even in the top 3 reasons for their resignation! In fact, I had read a research study before and generally salary is not the top reason for resignation as well.

We got to be really rationale. I admit I have room for improvement on this, and I will work on it, always.

What about you?

Does Work Injury Medical Leave Wages Include Public Holidays and Rest Days?

If your employee is hospitalized for 20 days, and 4 of those days are Rest Days and Public Holidays, how will we calculate his/her Medical Leave Wages?

Medical Leave Wages under Work Injury Compensation Act (WICA) are not payable for non-working days (e.g. Rest Days, Public Holidays), and thus such days should be excluded accordingly. This is the same for the normal Sick Leave and Hospitalisation Leave, where non-working days are excluded as well.

Reference can be found under my Page “Sources”:
Medical Leave Wages