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I can’t find my Temporary Work Permit expiry date.

Your temporary work permit expiry date will be peg to the date stipulated in your In Principal Approval (IPA), which is also the deadline for your employer to issue you the pass. This has also been stated clearly in your Temporary Work Permit.

In order to protect yourself, do ensure your employer gives you the IPA, and when it is about to expire, do highlight and your employer can extend the IPA date via MOM portal.

I am a S Pass Holder, can I get pregnant?

If you are a S Pass or Employment Pass Holder, you do not have to seek approval from MOM. Reference from MOM email reply to my query.

However, for Work Permit Holders, they are not supposed to be pregnant (unless she is married to a Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident (PR). You can find the FAQ here.

Marriage restrictions for foreign employees

People fall in love, and that’s nature.

If you are a work permit holder, you have to seek MOM approval if you are marrying a Singaporean / PR. You can download the form via MOM:
Work Permit to seek approval for marriage

If you are a S Pass or Employment Pass holder, you do not have to seek MOM approval.
Such FAQ can also be found in MOM:
S Pass marriage restrictions
Employment Pass marriage restrictions

Does a Temporary Work Permit allows employee to stay in Singapore?

A temporary work permit is usually issued to Malaysians who have yet to complete their medical appointment, or whose results are still pending.

The permit allows one to start work in Singapore, but however it does not allow him/her to stay in Singapore, where such has to fall back to the validity of his / her Social Visit Pass, which is issued by the Immigration Checkpoint Authority (ICA).

Do we have to pay for Foreign Worker’s Air Fare upon renewal of contract?

Re posted from HR Singapore

Dear HR Practitioners,

I would like to check if the employment contract end for one of our china worker, do we cancel the work permit and buy a ticket for he/she to return and reapply the work permit for he/she to start a new contract? Reason is employee wanted to return home for vacation, who should bear the flight tickets.

My reply:

If the employment contract is going to end and both the company and the staff is keen to renew the contract, company does not have to bear any air ticket costs. Further, it is not necessary to cancel the work permit for company can choose to renew the permit.

However, if the company is not intending to renew the contract, company is liable to pay for the repatriation costs (e.g. air ticket). For S Pass and Employment Pass Holders, if they give consent in writing, employers can have them bear the costs themselves.

See also:
Do we need to pay for Repatriation Costs?

Top 3 Picks of the Week

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  1. Can we deploy our foreign employees to queue for Bak Kwa?

    This appeared in the news (see Migrant Workers Queue (Today)), where companies actually deployed their foreign employees to queue for Bak Kwa. While compensation was mentioned (half a day off, meal allowance, etc.), it is still illegal for both work permit and s pass holders as they are only allow to work in an occupation as stated in their permit card. Further, there is an issue on the compensation –¬† is this during office hours or after? If it’s the latter, what about overtime payment?
    Legal issues aside, while some foreigners are in favor of this arrangement (able to earn an extra income), I believe there will be some who are not willing to do so. Will this be fair for them?
    The clauses on disallowing foreign workers to work in an occupation other than that as stated in their permit card can be found in my Page Sources: Work Pass Conditions. (Forth and Fifth Schedule)

  2. New HDB Rule for Non-Malaysians Work Permit Holders in the
    Manufacturing Sector

    Effective 01 Jan, non-malaysians work permit holders from the manufacturing sector can no longer rent a whole HDB unit, thought they can still rent individual rooms. Those who are currently still under their existing contracts can stay till it expire.
    You can check out the news at HDB Rule Change (Today)

  3. Public Holiday Entitlements

    As shared previously, check out Entitlements during Public Holidays for the FAQs on entitlements for public holiday.
    Further, as CNY falls on a weekend, employees might be confused on their entitlements. You can check out on the various scenarios given at Scenarios of Work Schedule during CNY.

Lastly, we hope you had an enjoyable Chinese New Year!