Under Light Duty; Allowed to Overtime?

Re posted from HR Singapore

We have a worker who was given Light Duty medical chit by a specialist doctor from the hospital. During office hours, we only let him walk around to inspect and check on equipment instead of his normal job scope that require more hands-on hard labour work.
Would like to know whether can we allow him to work overtime?

My reply:

The Employment Act does not cover such, and thus as long as he/she is certified fit to work, mutual agreement to overtime is allowed.

However, taking the “common sense” approach, he/she must be not feeling very well and thus consulted a doctor. For the well-being of the worker, he/she should not be given Overtime but go home on time to rest.
Do also note that if he/she is scheduled to do Overtime, there is an increase chance of work injury. In terms of the worker’s productivity, I think it goes without saying.


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