Meaningful Argument

Argue Based on Facts.jpg

Do you realise at times, meetings are becoming more like a waste of time than meaningful discussions?

There is a lot of “I feel”, “I think”, “I believe” kind of argument to push initiatives or solutions through. Should we provide evidence – concrete ones – to support our points instead? Not withstanding the fact that at times, assumption is necessary, but if facts are readily available (if one does his/her homework), should we then base on that to come to better solutions?

Some quick examples:
“Why do people leave our organisation?”
“What is the best engagement activity for employees?”

Let’s take about the first example. I had one Head of Department who immediately comes to a conclusion that it was about the salary, and he can do nothing about it unless our company provide him with a bigger budget. But with a quick sample size interview, that is not even in the top 3 reasons for their resignation! In fact, I had read a research study before and generally salary is not the top reason for resignation as well.

We got to be really rationale. I admit I have room for improvement on this, and I will work on it, always.

What about you?


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