Disciplinary Action for Taking Medical Leave

I am a member of a HR community forum, and there was a question posted recently, “How can we prevent people from taking Medical Leave (MC)?”

There is one who shared that they counsel staff, and verbally warning them that if they continue to take Medical Leave excessively, their performance will be affected, so does their Bonus.

From my experience, I had heads of departments telling me the same thing – warning for staff who took a huge number of Medical Leave.

Firstly, Medical Leave is an entitlement under the Employment Act. As long as it is a legit claim (e.g. from appointed doctors), we have to honor and not fault our employees.
Secondly, why are we faulting employees from consuming their entitlements? No doubt it is a cost, but we have to acknowledge it IS an entitlement.
Lastly, not withstanding the fact that there will be a couple of employees who will abuse the system, but if there is no evidence of misconduct, there should be no Disciplinary Action, isn’t it?

What do you think?


One thought on “Disciplinary Action for Taking Medical Leave

  1. Andrew Tay

    I do agree that MC is an entitlement for employees when they are sick . But I have heard of people who consistently takes MC on Monday or after a long weekend .
    I have met people who boast that they are able to take MC from certain doctor .



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