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Being Understanding


I heard this from a pop cast on how to be a Good Listener.
Easier said than done, but I think with more effort, we can improve and be a better person to understand from the perspective of others.


Marriage restrictions for foreign employees

People fall in love, and that’s nature.

If you are a work permit holder, you have to seek MOM approval if you are marrying a Singaporean / PR. You can download the form via MOM:
Work Permit to seek approval for marriage

If you are a S Pass or Employment Pass holder, you do not have to seek MOM approval.
Such FAQ can also be found in MOM:
S Pass marriage restrictions
Employment Pass marriage restrictions

Definition of the word “week”

Different people might interpret differently. For example, some might say a week equates to any 7 days period.

As per the Employment Act, a week refers to a continuous period of 7 days, starting Monday and ending on Sunday. This is important when we are determining the hours of work per week, schedule of employees’ rest days, etc.

Reference can be found under my Page “Sources”:
Hours of Work

Can we cut employee salary after he has been issued with a Warning Letter?

Re posted from HR Singapore
Dear HR Practitioners,

Is employer allowed to cut employee pay by 25% during employee’s notice period Does it means employee sign on warning letter represent they agree on this cut-off?
Thank you.

My reply:

Signing on a Warning Letter doesn’t mean that one agree to the cut in salary, unless it is stated clearly on the form. Further, employer cannot cut employee salary (illegally) during notice period.

Forfeiting Public Holiday Off for Terminated Staff

Employee was caught smoking in office, and such violate the code of conduct of your company. The offence is clear in the Disciplinary Policy – employee will be terminated from service with immediate effect for misconduct.

Now, employee has 5 days of Public Holiday Off in lieu. Can we – like Annual Leave – forfeit employee’s Public Holiday Entitlements?

No, we can’t do that under the Employment Act. While we can forfeit his Annual Leave, not pay him any salary in lieu of notice, we have to account for employee’s Public Holiday Entitlements – just like Overtime.

You can work 12 hours a day without Overtime Pay

If you are scheduled to work for 12 hours a day, but your weekly hours is within 44 hours, or your average number of hours worked per week over a continuous 3 weeks period does not exceed 44 hours a week, your employer is not required to pay any Overtime Pay.

Reference can be found under my Page “Sources”:
Employment Act (Statute)

Disciplinary Action for Taking Medical Leave

I am a member of a HR community forum, and there was a question posted recently, “How can we prevent people from taking Medical Leave (MC)?”

There is one who shared that they counsel staff, and verbally warning them that if they continue to take Medical Leave excessively, their performance will be affected, so does their Bonus.

From my experience, I had heads of departments telling me the same thing – warning for staff who took a huge number of Medical Leave.

Firstly, Medical Leave is an entitlement under the Employment Act. As long as it is a legit claim (e.g. from appointed doctors), we have to honor and not fault our employees.
Secondly, why are we faulting employees from consuming their entitlements? No doubt it is a cost, but we have to acknowledge it IS an entitlement.
Lastly, not withstanding the fact that there will be a couple of employees who will abuse the system, but if there is no evidence of misconduct, there should be no Disciplinary Action, isn’t it?

What do you think?