Overtime Pay for employees who stay back for internal training

A manager once asked me, “Do we have to pay OT to employees who are scheduled for training after their official working hours?”
She is reluctant to pay OT as she cited that the Training is beneficial for their personal growth and companies should not be paying them OT.

The Employment Act is silent on whether one is entitled to Overtime Pay if he or she is scheduled for Training after his / her official working hours. However, basing on the FAQ in MOM (see here), MOM is suggesting that he or she should be paid an allowance at the hourly rate of pay, and such value should be more than any out-of-pocket expenses he or she had paid to attend the course – e.g. Food.

My suggestion will be if the employee is covered under Part IV of the Employment Act, he / she is to be paid Overtime since the company request them to stay back for training (key word, “scheduled”). This will prevent managers / supervisors from abusing the suggestion given by MOM, by unethically classifying everything as under training (e.g. On Job Training). If there is a complain by employee to MOM on such issue, company might be in trouble.

Lastly, they should not be forced to attend the training for such is outside of their contractual working hours.

Reference can be found under my Page “Sources”:
Hours of Work


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