Top 3 Picks of the week


  1. Appreciation for employees who worked during Chinese New Year

    When we were enjoying our Chinese New Year with our family and friends, there were those who were working over the public holidays, and these included the Chinese as well. It is worth to share that some of our Ministers had expressed their thanks to these people who worked through these special days by paying them a visit at their workplace, appreciating their efforts.

    From my personal experience, companies expressed their appreciation for these group of people by paying them a higher salary during those days, or giving them an equivalent amount packed in an Ang Bao. While monetary compensation is a good form of appreciation, I believe that human touch is as important as well. If the bosses can walk the ground and express their thanks – just like some of our Ministers -, I believe employees will certainly appreciate their effort and valued. Such could also lead to an increase in productivity.

  2. CEO fined for illegal hiring

    Earlier this month, the CEO of Mary Chia was fined for failing to obtain the approval of the Licensing Officer prior to hiring three foreigners. It was highlighted that she was not personally involved in the hiring process for it was through her HR Department, but she accepted responsibility for it.

    At times, solutions come after consequences. One particular thing that has been on my mind for all these while is that I don’t understand why companies are not in the idea of creating proper SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) for HR Processes, leading to many differentiation among HR Practitioners of the same company. While some relate that to empowering employees to make their own decisions, I believe such could still be retained by creating a SOP which allowed employees to make their own decisions while taking note on the important items for each step. For example, it could be an SOP that provides the things to look for in the Recruitment Process. (e.g. application of permit – ask for IC, passport, etc., appointment of new hires – check for issuance letter, etc.)

    With a proper system in place, we can more or less be confident we will not run afoul of the law.

    For the case of Mary Chia, nothing much was mentioned about their HR Department. Perhaps it is due to a lapse in their process because one failed do the required checks?

  3. Is smoking allowed in HDB Flats?

    Smoking inside one’s HDB apartment is allowed. However, once you step outside of you flat, it could be illegal for the National Environment Agency (NEA) had listed common corridors, void decks, etc., as non-smoking areas.

    I once had an employee who loved to smoke in our rented flat in the wee hours of the day, which caught the attention of the neighbors who made several complains to us. Although the employee did not violate the law, there was an agreement with the landlord on this where employees are not allowed to smoke in their HDB Flats. Thus, such situations can still pose an issue.

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