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Top 3 Picks of the Week

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  1. Can we deploy our foreign employees to queue for Bak Kwa?

    This appeared in the news (see Migrant Workers Queue (Today)), where companies actually deployed their foreign employees to queue for Bak Kwa. While compensation was mentioned (half a day off, meal allowance, etc.), it is still illegal for both work permit and s pass holders as they are only allow to work in an occupation as stated in their permit card. Further, there is an issue on the compensation –  is this during office hours or after? If it’s the latter, what about overtime payment?
    Legal issues aside, while some foreigners are in favor of this arrangement (able to earn an extra income), I believe there will be some who are not willing to do so. Will this be fair for them?
    The clauses on disallowing foreign workers to work in an occupation other than that as stated in their permit card can be found in my Page Sources: Work Pass Conditions. (Forth and Fifth Schedule)

  2. New HDB Rule for Non-Malaysians Work Permit Holders in the
    Manufacturing Sector

    Effective 01 Jan, non-malaysians work permit holders from the manufacturing sector can no longer rent a whole HDB unit, thought they can still rent individual rooms. Those who are currently still under their existing contracts can stay till it expire.
    You can check out the news at HDB Rule Change (Today)

  3. Public Holiday Entitlements

    As shared previously, check out Entitlements during Public Holidays for the FAQs on entitlements for public holiday.
    Further, as CNY falls on a weekend, employees might be confused on their entitlements. You can check out on the various scenarios given at Scenarios of Work Schedule during CNY.

Lastly, we hope you had an enjoyable Chinese New Year!


Criteria to Invest your CPF

If you are at least 18 years old, not an undischarged bankrupt, you are eligible to invest your CPF as long as your Ordinary Account has more than $20K or/and your Special Account has more than $40K. These amount are the “untouchable amount” which you will not be able to use for any investment purposes.

Reference can be found under my Page “Sources”:
CPF Investment

Overseas Allowance covers Overtime Pay?

A friend once asked, if it is legal for his company to not pay him Overtime for those additional hours clocked while on overseas business trip. His company had highlighted to him that the Overseas Allowance given to him shall cover Overtime as well.

Sounds fishy?

If one is covered under Part IV of the Employment Act, he / she shall be entitled to Overtime claims. It doesn’t matter whether work is perform locally or abroad. Further, using allowance to cover OT pay should be deem as illegal.

Scenarios of Work Schedule during CNY

Due to the fact that our upcoming Chinese New Year (CNY) is falling on the weekend, it has caused some confusion over Public Holiday entitlements (especially so for shift workers), where quite a number of employees thought that their Public Holiday entitlement for CNY is 3 days.

I had worked out some of the possible scenarios and summarized in the table below for your reference and/or sharing.

CNY Example.png

Friends in Workplace


One of my colleagues once told me, she didn’t believe in finding real friends in the workplace. I was thinking, if you think like that, you will never ever find real friends, for they will treat you the way you treat them. Notwithstanding the fact that at times, workplace is like a battlefield, enemies all around you. But do note that at the same time, there are allies, there are friends.

What do you think?

Success of a Recruitment Fair


To me, the success of a Recruitment Fair is strictly basing on the no. of potential candidates we had shortlisted, and of course, the no. of people who eventually joined us. I am coming from the angle of ROI.

On the other side of the table, they believe no. of walk-in candidates is an important success factor as it determines the attractiveness of our advertisement / company.

What are your thoughts?