What’s new in 2017?


The year is coming to an end. I had summarised some of the new changes we should take note of from Ministry of Manpower (MOM):

Mandatory Retrenchment Notifications – Effective 01 Jan 2017
Companies are required to inform MOM within 5 working days (from the day it was made known to employees) on any retrenchment exercise.

1 additional week of Paternity Leave – Effective 01 Jan 2017
In total, fathers will be entitled to 2 weeks of Paternity Leave.

Increased Qualifying Salary for Employment Pass – Effective 01 Jan 2017
Qualifying salary for Employment Pass will be raised from the current $3,300 to $3,600.

8 additional weeks of Adoption Leave – Effective 01 July 2017
At the moment, eligible mothers are entitled to 4 weeks. By 01 July 2017, it will be extended to 12 weeks.

3 additional weeks of Shared Paternity Leave – Effective 01 July 2017
From the current 1 week, husbands can now share up to 4 weeks of their wives maternity leave (provided your wife agree…).


MOM – Mandatory Retrenchment Notifications
Paternity Leave
Shared Paternity Leave
Adoption Leave
Eligibility for EP


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