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What is the OT Cap for Part-Timers?

Like Full-Timers, Overtime starts when employee exceeds his/her normal daily working hours.

The cap is the same as the Full-Timers – 72 hours per month.

The OT Rate of x1.5 does not kick in till he/she exceeded the normal daily working hours of a FT, but OT hours does kick in once he/she exceed his/her normal daily working hours, where the OT Rate is x1.

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Can my Employee under Work Permit get Pregnant?

It depends. If she is married to a Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident (PR), she can get pregnant and deliver in Singapore, subject to the approval from Controller of Work Passes. Else, one of the Work Permit Conditions is not to be pregnant, and this applies even her work permit had expired, cancelled or revoked.

Having said that, if the staff is a good performer and you would like to keep her, you can try to send in a request to MOM and there is a possibility that they will approve her pregnancy and enable her to continue to work in Singapore.

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When must companies issue Employment Contracts to new recruits?

The Employment Act in Singapore does not govern on such matters, where no specific period has been mandated by legislation. However, it is mandated that Key Employment Terms (KET) is to be issued within 14 days of Employment. As those terms – Start Date, Salary, Daily Working Hours, etc. – usually form part of the contract, we can take the mandated 14 days period as reference.

Aside, I believe it is a good practice to issue Employment Contract before his / her first date of appointment, to prevent any possible disputes after employment.

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I work 40 hours per week. Will my OT rate be based on that?

If you are covered under Part IV of the Employment Act, you will be eligible for OT under the Act.

The Act states that OT calculation for monthly-rated employee will be based on:
(Basic Salary x 12 months) / (52 weeks x 44 hours per week) * 1.5 times

Thus, even if you work less than 44 hours a week, OT will be calculated based on a 44 hour work week.

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I am a Manager. Am I entitled to Sick Leave?

The Employment Act covers Managers as well, but only those who earn a monthly salary of not more than $4,500. Thus, if you earn more than that, you will not be entitled to Sick Leave under the Employment Act.

Anyway, so far, I have not seen any companies which exclude such in their Employment Terms. Do share if you have seen one 🙂

Do we need to pay a minimum wage to foreign employees?

Singapore does not implement Minimum Wage for all workers in Singapore, and such includes Foreign Employees. It does not matter what pass he/she is holding as well. Having said that, for S Pass / Employment Pass, there are requirements for employers to pay a minimum salary, but it seems that such differs among different groups of people.

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How many days should my post be in Jobs Bank before I can apply Employment Pass for my staff?

From 1 August 2014, before we can hire people under Employment Pass (EP), we are required to post the respective job vacancies in the Jobs Bank for at least 14 Calendar Days. Else, we will not be able to submit the EP Applications to MOM.

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