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Does the Maximum 12 hours a day limit include Break Time(s)?

Part IV of the Employment Act defines Working Hours as a period where employees are expected to carry out their assigned duties, and such does not include intervals for Rest, Breaks, Meals, etc. Therefore, the maximum 12 hours limit should not include break time(s).

Reference can be found under my Page “Sources”:
Hours of Work


Does Overtime kicks in after the 44 hour mark?

People always said that any hours after 44 hours will be considered Overtime. In actual fact, any hours above the normal hours of work will be considered Overtime.
For example, if the normal weekly working hours for a staff is 40 hours, any hours above that will be considered Overtime!

Reference can be found under my Page “Sources”:
Hours of Work

When must I inform MOM on changes for my Foreign Worker (EP & S Pass) Residential Address?

Within 2 weeks. This also applies to New Hires. For Work Permit Holders, it is shorter – 5 Calendar Days, which refer to any day in a week, thus do not be mistaken with Working Days.

Reference can be found under my Page “Sources”:
MOM – Register a Foreign Worker’s Address (WP)
MOM – Register a Foreign Worker’s Address (S Pass)
MOM – Register a Foreign Worker’s Address (Employment Pass)

Forging of Medical Certificate. What will you do?


One of the employee has been found to have forged her medical certificate, after verification was done with the clinic. Apparently she had included 1 more day of Medical Leave for herself (changing ‘5’ to ‘6’). After the evidence was presented, the staff finally admitted to it.

What I will do

Under the Penal Code of Singapore, forging for the purpose of cheating is punishable.
She forged her medical certificate so that she can enjoy a “free” day off. To me, that is more than cheating. That is also harming the interest of the organization for 1) the organization had incurred the cost of 1 day of salary and also 2) incurring unnecessary operational costs involved for covering her duties of work.

Simply anything that brushes with the law, Dismissal should be the only option.
I would go against the idea of informing the police as I felt that the losses the company had incurred are minimal, and we could take it as giving the employee a 2nd chance as well.

Do you agree? If not, what will you do?

Disciplinary Action for Employee having Extramarital Affair


An employee was found to have an extramarital affair by his supervisor, and had surfaced to HR for opinion. This surfaced when the mistress came to look for him. One of our HR Rep raised the alarm to her supervisor and shared with all of us, suggesting that a Warning Letter must be issued.

What I think

Firstly, there is no law stating that it is illegal to commit Adultery. Secondly, our Company does not have a Code of Conduct that states one must be faithful to his / her other half (I doubt any companies will have that). Yes, there is a moral issue (at least I felt that way), but it does not warrant any Disciplinary Action.

Do you agree? If not, what will you do?