Workplace Harassment. What is your advice?

Firstly, I would like to thank one of my followers for sharing this story with me. I think it will be good for me to share it over here for further discussion. Here goes:


One day, during a secondary school gathering, my friend, Jane (not her real name), shared how she was forced to resign from her ex-company.

She claimed that her daily movements were being monitored by her supervisor. These include the time she reaches office, goes for lunch, and even the duration of her toilet breaks! This started when she was 1 hour late for work one day, due to traffic jam. This further upset her when she realised that her colleagues started to monitor her movements on behalf of their supervisor when the latter was not in office. She had approached HR Department for assistance, but no action was being done. However, her supervisor eventually got the wind of it and forced her to sign on the dotted line to resign from service.

She is asking if there are any possible solutions out of this?

My advice

Such relates to Stalking, which can be a form of Workplace Harassment.

  1. If she is still with the company (turn back time), and HR is not helping, she should report to Top Management about this, taking notes on the dates / days / time of the stalking. If the company has a Whistle Blower Platform, she should report accordingly
  2. As this could amount to Workplace Harassment, she should report to the Police to seek redress, as Workplace Harassment is an offence under Protection from Harassment Act (POHA)
  3. If she is financially stable (very stable), she can sue under Common Law for damages (psychological damages as well)
  4. No matter what her options are, she should resign as well, as when even your colleagues are not on your side, what is the point of staying?

What is your advice?


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