Fruits as Staff Benefit

Fruits Increase Productivity

Recently, as part of staff benefit, my company is giving out fruits to all staff at the beginning of every month. Here I am, thinking: “Fruits as part of staff benefit. You must be kidding. That’s budget.” But on a serious thought, I could actually be “forced” to consume and that is actually beneficial to my health.

A study conducted in 2013 by a UK Workplace Fruit Provider found that the provisions of free fruit in the workplace had reap positive benefits, both towards individuals and the organisation.
Majority of employees felt more valued in the company, and they believed fruits are capable of improving their quality of work. It is also reported that most felt that they will be more healthy by eating them, and as a result, tend to eat more fruits. Close to half reported that they begin to eat less on unhealthy snacks.

On an organisation’s perspective, it helps in retention (when workers felt valued, they tend to stay longer), productivity, and the possibility of reducing MC Rates.
On a individual’s perspective, it could have a positive impact on health.

Before you go into doubting the research – carried out by a company who has vested interest – do note that there are already various articles on the respective benefits for consuming different types of fruits. For example, bananas are found to be useful in maximizing brain power, and apples are found to be helpful in combating pollutants. Thus, if in the end, it did not improve your employee’s “love” for the company and their productivity levels, it could still keep them healthy and potentially reduce the no. of downtime.

Put it on the table for discussion in your next meeting, perhaps with some fruits on the table for everyone 🙂

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