Should we exercise during working hours?

Exercise during Work

Back in 2008, Researchers from the University of Bristol (UK) found that people who workout on a work day perform better as compared to those days they didn’t opt for any. It is reported that there is an increase in motivation to work, better concentration and time management, which all leads to an increase in productivity. A 2011 Study had also found that exercising during work day can lead to a reduction in absenteeism, which improves productivity as well.

It is evident that the benefits are huge. It improves productivity, drives employees’ motivation to work, and relates to Company Staff Benefits as well – an attractive recruitment and retention tool. While there will be people on the other side of the table criticizing the “lost time” due to this initiative, it can be countered that it can be compensated by the increased in productivity. However, a study that was published in the American Journal of Health in 2015 had highlighted that it is important to understand that employees might be more likely to tap on this initiative if they had presumed their work to be manageable. This suggests that this initiative should be implemented in the non-peak period of the month, and it must be supported by all supervisors and management team.

So, does your company has this initiative in place? If yes, congrats. If no, it is time to put on the table for further discussion.

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Journal Article: Effect of the Work Environment on Using Time at Work to Exercise


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