When Office Politics Are At Odds With Your Personal Values

Came upon a post (Link below) capturing the struggles between upholding your own personal values (or for some, moral values) and keeping yourself in the game of Offices Politics. Good read, and would like to share with everyone.

Overall, I share similar thoughts and perspective with the author, where at times, personal values are at odds with the company’s direction, and it is either I “join” them, throw away my conscience and gain their “love”, or go against them, upholding my values. Difficult choice at times, but I still believe while at times we can compromise, there are instances where we can’t, and have to “fight back”, even though we know the battle would be lost. That is simply because we cannot lose ourselves. At least we had tried our best, uphold what’s right and what’s wrong, instead of giving it up and agree with many others: “We are just employees, just do what they say”. No, not to moral values.

Source: When Office Politics Are At Odds With Your Personal Values


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