Gender Diversity in Workplace – Good or bad?

Male and Female.pngFirstly, I always felt that I am usually happier working with the opposite sex and it could have a positive impact on my work productivity as well since I enjoy working with them. After going through some articles and researches, I realized I am in the minority, not talking about productivity, but about being happy working with the opposite sex.

A research in 2014 had suggested that people prefer to work in a homogeneous setting, although they like the idea of having a diverse workplace. In terms of productivity, it had found a positive correlation with gender diversity. This is also supported by a research article published back in 2013, which found that teams which have an equal gender mix perform better in terms of sales and profits, as compared to those teams of the same gender. Interesting, a research article published in 2013 found that gender diversity might have a negative impact on firm performance initially if the no. of females in boardrooms does not reach the “optimal level”, which is said to be around 30%, which will then translate positively on firm performance.

My experience of working with the opposite sex is that they tend to provide more emotional support as compared to guys (Yes I am a guy). Such brings me closer to them and yes, happier at work. People who prefer to work in a homogeneous setting perhaps are coming from the perspective of able to communicate and understand each other better (or presuming). So, what about you?

Journal Article – Gender Diversity in the Boardroom
Impact of Gender Diversity on Business Team Performance
Business Insider (SG) – Gender Diversity


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