Discriminating Job Applications


I always thought there is just something wrong about the standard job applications forms we had came across so far. Fields like Age, Race, Gender, Religion, and many many more, seems to open the door wide to Discrimination. Guess what, even your name is subject to discrimination.

A study from the University of Chicago Graduate School of Business in the early 2000s reported that names could have in impact on the no. of callbacks from potential employers, as names reveal the ethic / race of an individual. Just recently, a news article by the Independent (UK) reported that British Muslim Women were discriminated during job selections because of their religion.

While all these seems to be not being addressed by the world effectively, A state in Australia has started a 18 months trial programme where personal details which could subject one to discrimination will be removed from job applications, and most government organizations had signed up for the programme.

So, was wondering when will my own country, my dear Singapore, tackle this issue and combat discrimination? While the Tripartite Alliance for Fair Employment (TAFEP) provide companies in Singapore some guidelines on combating discrimination, but seriously, is it enough?


Asia Fortune News – Workplace Discrimination based on Names
Independent (UK) – British Muslim Women Discriminated during Job Selection
Global Times – Australian State to trial “anonymous” job applications


One thought on “Discriminating Job Applications

  1. Thomas

    TAFEP will take errant companies to task for such discrimination. Someone will need to report it. 🙂 For some cases, the smaller SMEs might not even know that they are running afoul of the employment act since their HR might comprise of non-HR specialists haphazardly tasked to do the work. Education helps.



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