Music Improves Productivity?

Music Productivity

During my course of work, I love to play either Radio Channels or my own YouTube Playlists while I focus on my tasks on hand. Sometimes I wonder, does it slow me down, or does it improve my productivity levels?

Read a bit, and various researches suggested that music could boost work productivity, if it is 1) one without lyrics, and 2) played at moderate volume. Perhaps songs with lyrics and high volumes could bring our focus to the songs instead. It is also found that different types of people react differently to them – Introverts perform better without vocal music while for Extroverts it would be the reverse.

Nevertheless, I enjoy having music during my course of work, both with or without lyrics. I guess when I am happy, my productivity will increase as well?

BusinessinsiderSG – Best Type of Music for Productivity (2015)
Taiwan Research Paper – Music without Lyrics is preferred (2012)
UK Research Paper – Influence of Music on Cognitive Performance of Introverts and Extroverts (2011)


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