What are my Childcare Leave Entitlements?

Do refer to the below table to check on your eligibility.

Criteria Description Entitlement
Length of Employment of Employee Less than 3 months None
Worked 3 continuous months Proceed to next criteria
Nationality &
Age of Child
Singaporean, below 7 years old 6 days per year
Singaporean, 7-12 years old 2 days per year
Foreigner/PR, below 7 years old If parent covered under Employment Act,
2 days per year
Foreigner/PR, 7 or above None

Do note that Childcare Leave for Singaporean Children is provided under the Child Development Co-Savings Act – Part III, 12B , while Childcare Leave for Non-Singaporean Children are provided under the Employment Act. For more information on these criteria, it can be found under my Page “Sources”:
Childcare Leave Eligibility

Lastly, you can also refer to my Page “Sources”: Pro-rated Childcare Leave for the calculation of pro-rated Childcare Leave.


4 thoughts on “What are my Childcare Leave Entitlements?

  1. Sandra

    Moon. I think the nationality oart need to be a bit more clear. For example; is it applicable to parent or the child.

    Lets say a scenerio:
    Scenerio 1:
    If the parent is a PR/ Foreigner and the child is a SG citizen. Does the pareent entitles to 6 days or 2 days…

    Scenerio 2:
    What if the parent is divorce/ single mum. Does that applies to this entitlement?


    1. Moon Post author

      Dear Sandra,

      Thank you for your feedback, I had since underline the word “Child”.

      With regards to the scenarios, my replies are as follow:

      Scenario 1:
      As the child is a Singaporean, the parent, even if he/she is a PR / Foreigner, he/she will still be entitled to 6 days of Childcare Leave.

      Scenario 2:
      Yes, entitlement for Childcare Leave still applies.


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