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What are my Childcare Leave Entitlements?

Do refer to the below table to check on your eligibility.

Criteria Description Entitlement
Length of Employment of Employee Less than 3 months None
Worked 3 continuous months Proceed to next criteria
Nationality &
Age of Child
Singaporean, below 7 years old 6 days per year
Singaporean, 7-12 years old 2 days per year
Foreigner/PR, below 7 years old If parent covered under Employment Act,
2 days per year
Foreigner/PR, 7 or above None

Do note that Childcare Leave for Singaporean Children is provided under the Child Development Co-Savings Act – Part III, 12B , while Childcare Leave for Non-Singaporean Children are provided under the Employment Act. For more information on these criteria, it can be found under my Page “Sources”:
Childcare Leave Eligibility

Lastly, you can also refer to my Page “Sources”: Pro-rated Childcare Leave for the calculation of pro-rated Childcare Leave.


Are temporary staff entitled to Leave?

Firstly, I felt that the word “temporary (or temp)” is a very ambiguous term. If you are referring to a staff who worked less than 3 months, then we are safe to say that he/she will not be entitled to any paid leave (e.g. Annual / Medical, etc.). You can also refer to FAQ: Am I entitled to Annual Leave while still under Probation?

However, if your temp worker worked at least 3 months, we are obliged to give. If the temp contractual working hours is beyond 34 hours, do note that we have to give him/her the benefits equivalent to that of a Full-Timer.

My employee is pregnant and requires constant check-ups. Can we not pay for these fees?

As per the Employment Act, you have to bear the cost of his/her medical consultation fees, in relation to his/her medical leave application (approved), and it did not mention excluding costs related to pregnancy. For the other expenses, such as costs of medicine, it is down to the terms of the contract of employment.

Reference can be found under my Page “Sources”:
Medical Reimbursements

I am a Work Permit (WP) Holder. Am I suppose to bear all medical costs?

No to a certain extent. All employers have to bear the necessary medical costs for all foreigners. This can be found in the Employment of Foreign Manpower Act:
Part V, Section 25, sub Section 6 (d)

Reference can be found under my Page “Sources”:
MOM – Medical Costs for WP Holders

Do note that for foreigners, this shall supersede the clauses as seen in the Employment Act, which only legislates the coverage of medical consultation costs (See a similar FAQ at HR YAM – Medical Bills FAQ)

Do I need to pay for repatriating my foreign worker?

Yes, we have to bear the cost of repatriating our foreign workers. It does not matter what pass he/she is holding – WP, SPASS, EP, etc. This can be found in the Employment of Foreign Manpower Act:
Part V, Section 25, sub Section 6 (g)

Nevertheless, for S Pass and Employment Pass Holders, if they give consent in writing, we as employers can have them bear the costs themselves. Reference can be found under my Page “Sources”:
MOM – Repatriation for S Pass / EP


My employer says Company Policy only cover $10 of my medical bills. Is that legal?

Not legal, if you are covered by the Employment Act. As per legislation, employers are supposed to bear the FULL costs of the medical consultation fees. It is only the other costs (e.g. costs of medicine) that your company can avoid reimbursing. Reference can be found under my Page “Sources”: Medical Reimbursement

Thus, do have the doctor to provide a breakdown of your medical costs, as from my own experience, there are quite a few clinics which does not provide any breakdown.