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I am not a confirmed staff, am I eligible for Work Injury Compensation?

You do not have to be a confirmed staff in order to claim work injury compensation. That also mean that you will be entitled to the medical leave under the Work Injury Compensation Act. Such is to be separated from the medical leave that is provided under the Employment Act.



I am on Unpaid Leave on a Public Holiday, do I get paid?


For example, 25th of December is Christmas, and yes, it is a public holiday. If you took Unpaid leave on that day (or within your unpaid leave period, 20-26 December), you will not be paid for the Public Holiday.

Reference can be found under my Page “Sources”:
Public Holiday Entitlements and Pay

Additional Paternity Leave for Fathers

3 days back, the Government announced that they are legislating the 1 week of additional Paternity Leave for eligible Singaporean Fathers starting Jan 2017.

Check it out in the news via:
The Straits Times

Currently, eligible Fathers are entitled to 1 week of Paternity Leave, and companies can voluntarily offer an additional week, which the government will also fund it.


Public Holiday x2 Pay?


If you are covered by the Singapore Employment Act, you will be entitled to 11 Paid Holidays in a year, meaning you will not have to come to work on that day and you will still be paid.

Thus, if you are required to come back to work, the company is only obliged to compensate you with an OFF in Lieu, or 1 Day of Pay (basic rate of pay).

Reference can be found under my Page “Sources”:
Public Holiday Entitlements and Pay